To stay ahead in the ever-changing business environment and technology space, Theta’s latest solutions are built on a modern architecture with flexibility in mind. This allows banks to rapidly and cost effectively adapt to and reap the benefits of new technologies to achieve sustainable competitiveness in their business.

Rest Services

  • Reusable API and microservices under Service-oriented Architecture
  • Horizontal Scalable with Stateless Back-end Services
  • Readily support 3rd party systems with Open Standard
  • Simple to maintain and Fast implementation
  • Responsive with Minimal Bandwidth Usage

Modern Front-end

  • Single Page Application
  • Smooth page transition
  • Decoupled and engaging screens
  • Responsive

Containerization using Docker

  • Option to have the application run in the docker container
  • Reduce infrastructure cost by sharing of resources
  • Simple and fast deployment
  • Portability and cloud ready
  • Instantaneous horizontal scaling

Modular Design

  • Clear boundary between modules with its own database
  • Allow customer to pick and choose the required module
  • Ease of future upgrade

BPMN2 Standard

  • Standard Annotation on workflow configuration
  • Compatible and portable to Enterprise Workflow Engine
  • Widely adopted with readily resource to support


  • Written in Java and platform independent
  • Support major database such as Oracle, MSSQL and MariaDB
  • Support major app container like Websphere, JBoss, and Tomcat


  • Scan by HP Fortify
  • Single Sign On across all the modules within Origins