At Theta, we believe in ‘being one’. We are one company working and operating in the spirit of one professional team to deliver world-class solutions to our clients. Every new member of the Theta family will be assigned a mentor who will provide personal guidance during their first 6 months with us to ensure that they are well on their way to realising their full professional potential.

Everyone at Theta will be developed to be a professional and a specialist in their respective discipline.

What We Offer

A tailored staff training program specially designed for you will be conducted with personal guidance from our experienced specialists.
We look to both internal and external experts to impart their experience and knowledge as part of our continuing professional development for staff. Learning starts from day one with us and continues throughout your career.

We offer staff of all functions the opportunity to work with senior bankers and consultants through engagements in various parts of the world and to be a specialist in the credit industry.

What We Look For

We look for people with a passion for excellence, who are innovative and care about serving our clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, with wide-ranging experiences in credit, project management and technology.

Want to grow your career with us?

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