Case Study: One of the Largest Universal Banks in Malaysia

Process Re-design and Operational Transformation

Client’s Challenge
Average drawdown time for mortgage loans took more than 110 days with high operating costs and high incidence of rework

Solutions Recommended and Implemented

  • Fully automated pre-credit screening via online integration to Central Credit Bureau and other third party credit databases and fully automated workflow process managed by a rule-based engine
  • Theta’s workflow system was integrated with the bank’s enterprise document management system to provide a paperless, straight-through processing environment
  • The decentralized sales and approvals and centralized credit management, documentation and disbursement has enabled the bank’s customers to experience quicker loan approvals, in some cases almost instantaneously

Key Benefits

  • 50% reduction in time from loan request to disbursement
  • It gave the bank substantial improvement in operational efficiencies thus reducing operating costs and increased the sales capacity of the loan officers and branches, allowing the bank to raise its market share in mortgage lending


  • Credit process consultancy and process re-design
  • Fully integrated and automated credit workflow system from loan approvals through disbursement and redemption and settlement.

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